Who's First

There are many word games out there. But how many let you score for the word you do "not" complete ? This is the one --- Score points when word is not completed by you.

Try out this new word game that requires both vocal power and intelligence.

The objective of the game, is to force "app" to finish a word (5 to 8 letters).

App starts a word with the letter. Take turns adding letters to a word.

If you complete a word, you will loose a credit. (Word blinks red).

You get 2 chance to mis-spell a word, on 3rd chance you will loose a credit. A word is count as mis-spell, when letter combination is not part of any word.

Each time app completes a word, you get points (Word blinks green). Points are awarded based on the length of words.

Game ends when you loose all your credits.

Hint: Try to make 5 or 7 letter words to score points.

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