Digi Recall


Think you can recall all the numbers shown to you before they disappear? Download Digi Recall and put your memory to the test.

Digi Recall is easy enough for young players and hard enough to challenge even the sharpest minds.

Game is fun for people of all ages. Don't be surprised if your kids may challenge you with their smart brains.

The object of the game is to find the number(s) that is being asked.

Users get to see all number(s) for couple of seconds before they disappears.

With clock ticking, user needs to find all numbers quickly.

To make it more interesting, tapping on wrong block will cut your points.

Game ends, when user is not able to find all numbers in time limit given.

Game gets challenging with each levels as numbers grow.

Game is a great way to sharpen your memory while having fun.


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