Add 'em - Timed

"Add ‘em – Timed" is the guru of all challenging games out there. How fast can you add up numbers to make it equal to a given number?

Think that’s easy? How about add up numbers in given time…. "Add ‘em – Timed" takes the very simple adding number concept and brings it into the challenging game.

Objective of the game is to add up the numbers to make it equal to the number shown on the top right of the screen. Select number(s) by tapping on number bubble. Addition of numbers selected should be equal to the number in question. You need to be fast. You need to select the number before the time run out (shown by slider on top).

Get more points by selecting more numbers. Start earning more points as you move up the levels.

Once you start playing, it will be difficult for you to put it down.

Includes a GameCenter Support on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.


  Available on iTunes      |     Android - Buy here