Price Me - Advance Break Even

Price Me - Advance Break Even is a must have application for any small business owner. A very intuitive and simple to use application. Helps business owner in making key business decisions. Solves the complex issue of setting price. It uses 3 industry standard pricing methods.

It allows user to:
        -- Enter Price or Price a product using 3 different pricing model (Absolute $, % Mark up, Rate of Return)
        -- Enter fixed cost or compute fixed cost by entering additional fixed cost data
        -- Enter Per Unit cost or compute per unit cost by entering additional per unit cost
        -- Calculate Revenue
        -- Calculate Profit/Loss
        -- Calculate Break Even
        -- Calculate Margin
        -- Easily change price or pricing model and analyze the impact on Revenue, Profit/Loss, Break Even and Margin. It allows user to do what-if analysis.
        -- Can store information for multiple products or same product (new names) with different pricing structure.

Price Me is very easy and very helpful tool for business owner.

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