Advertisement ROI

Advertisement ROI Application is a must have application for a user who is trying to grow their business. It helps user identify how much to spend in advertisement or campaign or web clicks.

Advertisement is key component for any business -- small or large business. Business owners always face an issue of how much one should spend in Advertisement. Too much spend in advertisement is not good as business might not be able to recover it back. Spending little is not good too, it will not help in attracting customer. This small application helps business owner make calculation related to investment in advertisement.

Advertisement ROI application helps user with calculating
        -- ROI (return on investment in advertisement)
        -- Profit amount
        -- Revenue Generate
        -- No of responder based on Response Rate
        -- Potential No of Buyers based on Conversion Rate
        -- Vary Response Rate and Conversion Rate and check the impact
        -- Vary Audience Size and check the impact
        -- Check what is the recovery point by controlling different variables.

Advertise ROI is very easy and very helpful tool for business owner.

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